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Your donation will help drive positive change through the Power of Bikes, supporting World Bike Relief.

As a proud member of Team Momentous and the Peak Athletic Collective, an avid Twitch streamer, and a dedicated member of DIRTy Wattz, I've witnessed the incredible impact that the Power of Bikes can have on lives worldwide. Just like in the gaming world, bicycles can transform lives and create opportunities for individuals in need.

By supporting my personal fundraising efforts, you're  supporting World Bike Relief. With just a $165 donation, you can help provide brand new bicycles to individuals in rural developing countries. These bikes are more than just transportation; they represent hope, access to education, and improved livelihoods, forever changing the trajectory of these individuals' lives.

Spread the word by sharing this page with fellow streamers, friends, and anyone who believes in the power of bicycles and their ability to bring about positive change in the world. Your support can make a world of difference in helping us achieve our goals!

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