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Your donation will provide bicycles that change lives.

I believe in the Power of Bicycles and their ability to change the world. Please consider supporting my personal fundraising efforts to help mobilize individuals in rural developing countries. Just $165 helps put a brand new bike in the field and forever changes the trajectory of an individual's life.

Spread the word by sharing this page with others who may want to donate to help individuals challenged by distance. 

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Ride to empower community

Friday 19th May
Riding and supporting community for me is a personal responsibility. 

When I was a little girl in Iran, my parents bought me a bike, and I learned to ride it in our backyard. When I turned 9 the bike was taken away from me and so feeling of liberty. 

I would ride as much as I can to help the community to have the feeling of liberty on their bikes and ride far away from their negative thoughts and fears and situations they are trapped in. 

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