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Your donation will provide bicycles that change lives.

I believe in the Power of Bicycles and their ability to change the world. Please consider supporting my personal fundraising efforts to help mobilize individuals in rural developing countries. Just $165 helps put a brand new bike in the field and forever changes the trajectory of an individual's life.

My 230 mile ride home from school on 12/15/2023 is much longer and more intense than any other ride home from school I’ve ever done. Yet it is just another ride home from school. Biking home from school opened my world to the joys of cycling and helped show me some the ways a bike can change lives. Please consider donating so that other kids like me can experience the joy of riding a bicycle.

Spread the word by sharing this page with others who may want to donate to help individuals challenged by distance. 

Thank you for your support!

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Go, Finn!!!


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Go Finn! best of luck


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Go Finn Go!


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Way to go Finn!


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Go Finn B!!! And keep your lights on!!!


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Great cause!


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BIKE is acronym: Best invention known ever!


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You’re awesome Finn (& a bit crazy)…


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What a great cause! Love it!


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Dear Finn, This is a great cause. Have a safe ride! Nikki


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Thank you for doing this charity work! Stay safe!


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