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Your donation will provide bicycles that change lives.

 Helping change lives through  The Power of Bicycles!

Dear Coaching Athletes,  Friends and Family,

I have reflected on my life's journey thus far and feel extraordinarily blessed that I continue to enjoy good health, a wonderful family and a life full of incredible comfort, adventures and experiences. Having spent a good deal of time in Africa over the previous two decades, and seeing the juxtaposition between my experiences in Africa versus the bounty that I have enjoyed throughout my life in the "First World", I realize that we all can and should work to have an impact beyond ourselves and to give back.

WBR, through the power of bikes, supports my personal experiences in Africa. Whether a young girl getting to school safely without being raped, a dairy farmer getting his milk to market without spoiling or a public health nurse accessing remote villages with life saving treatments. $165 buys a life changing Buffalo Bike

Please consider supporting WBR and supporting my quest to make a difference as part of life's journey. If any of my friends' companies would like to do a corporate matching to achieve a multiple of 100 bikes, I would be so grateful. 

Thank you from the core of my being! Swimming, running and riding for others!  


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