Power of Bicycles

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Power of Bicycles

Your donation will provide bicycles that change lives

This is the story of a couple of boys who want to make a small difference in the world.

After reading and discussing the book entitled "The Red Bicycle: The Extraordinary Story of One Ordinary Bicycle," they learned about how essential a bicycle is in other parts of the world. They learned that without a bicycle, it can be difficult to attend school, run a business, or receive healthcare. 

We have chosen to raise money for  World Bicycle Relief to be able to provide life-changing bicycles.  Our goal is to raise $500. We would love to raise more, but we set a realistic goal so the boys can see the fruit of their efforts. This is how they plan to reach that goal…

Each boy will choose 15 days in March to go on a 10 minute bike ride. We are asking for you to sponsor one of those rides for $15. If Joey and Kain both have 15 sponsors donate $15, they will make $225 each!  This makes $450, and we have already contributed $50 ourselves. The boys are excited to be able to do something they enjoy for a good cause!

If you feel led to support the boys in this cause, please donate directly to World Bicycle Relief via our fundraiser page here. 

The boys thank you for your support!

Thank you to our donors


Bonnie “ Babu”

Dear Joey, Your heart is very generous. Loving others and helping people meet their needs makes our world a wonderful place to live in. I am proud of you. Babu loves you so much. ❤️ You are in my heart.


Bob Carnevale

I hope you have great adventures on your bike with your brother.


Joey Edwards



Great work, Kain and Joey!


Great Grandma Johnson

Keep up the great work.


Uncle Randy Johnson

Best wishes keep up the great work


Christina Katz

You guys are amazing! Such a beautiful and selfless act to help others in need. Keep up the great work! ♥️



I love Joey.


Juanita Edwards

So proud of you love you bunches


Tirzah Cuevas

Joey, you are a very special boy. I feel very proud of you. Te quiero mucho, Tititî



Great example!


Vicky Freudenthal


Alexandra Coglianese

Good luck kiddos.


Nicole Chisari


Val Frey

Sharing a little love from Maine. Good luck boys! 🚲